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A Meaningful Learning Experience Awaits

About Us

FAYEROWE NFP PRESERVATION OF HISTORICAL MUSIC in Glenwood, Illinois is an organization that strives to launch a music museum for kids. Glenda Rowe, our founder, came up with the idea for a museum in 2015 and has been planning its establishment since then.

About Our Founder


Meet Glenda Rowe and let her tell you her story, in her own words.

“As far back as I can remember, there was always music in my house. My most vivid memories are of my mother playing 78 RPM vinyl records of Erroll Garner, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Earl Bostic, Tony Bennett, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Johnny Ace. My grandmother sang spirituals and hymns all the time, too.

My favorite television program was the "Hit Parade". I loved the music and still remember the countdown to number one.

Radio in the small town in Mississippi where I grew up gave me the chance to be exposed to many genres of music, the Firestone Theater, and all the pop and country music you could imagine. We were fortunate enough to have a sundown black station because this was where I heard R&B, jazz, and gospel. 

I love music; it has been my escape and dream world. In school, the nuns discovered I could sing because I sang all the time. Joining the youth choir at church was delightful. In junior high and high school, I sang in the school choir.

Athletics was my choice in high school even though I still managed to remain in the choir. My college years were spent involving myself in sports, dancing, and cheerleading.

My career of choice was to become a physical education teacher, but my interest in music never waned. I loved working with children and through the years it's been heartbreaking to watch how music was removed from the curriculum, leaving a huge void in some communities.

Music in some communities is not being explored and many children only have the opportunity to hear only one type of music. My idea is to create a hands-on museum to give children at an early age a chance to explore all types of music.

I envision a museum where kids can listen and explore all genres of music, thereby giving young people the chance to hear many genres of music. It's my hope and dream to create a space for learning, fun, and exploration.”

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